Transportation Services Around Paxos

Our aim is to make your holiday perfect by offering you personal transportation for everything you want to do


Transportation Services

The Bastas Hotel offers an excellent transportation service by minibus or by car. Our professional driver can collect you at the port in Gaios as soon as you arrive. We ensure that our transfer service to and from the port is punctual and efficient.

There are many beautiful and interesting places to see on our island of Paxos. We can make your holiday really special by organising transport for you throughout your stay on the island. The Bastas Hotel can arrange your transport to many different beaches, to villages and to Gaios - the capital of the island.

When you choose a restaurant you would like to go to, we can book your table, take you there and collect you.

Wherever you would like to go, we will organise it for you and provide your transportation. If there are two of you, we will take you by car. For more than two people, we will take you by minibus. We are here to ensure that you have the best possible service. We will make sure you feel safe and comfortable as we drive you around Paxos.

We have over thirty years experience in the hotel business. We know that not everyone wants to hire a car during their holiday so we aim to provide the best possible transportation service for you.

Contact us by email before your holiday on Paxos starts or come in and talk to us when you are on the island. It is easy to find us! We are based in the Bastas Hotel in Lakka.

If you are planning a wedding, a party or any other social event and you need transportation for your guests, send us an email or come and talk to us! We can organise exactly what you require.

To check availability, season prices, other information, or to reserve your next tour please Contact us.

Paxos Bus Transportation
Paxos Bus Transportation